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Sexual Wellness Services Scottsdale

Sexual Wellness Services Scottsdale

Health Scottsdale understands that having a healthy outlook on ourselves sexually, emotionally, and physically can lead to an overall positive body image and positive outlook on life. Sexual health and libido plays a pivotal role in relationships with our partner or partners. As we age, hormones can shift, changing our sexual experience, our levels of arousal, or what we view as our “performance”, which can diminish our outlook on sex and impact our health and quality of life.   But it doesn’t need to be this way.

At Health Scottsdale, we begin the process of improving sexual wellness for our clients with a focus on the hormones. Hormones are essential to how we not only look at life and how we perceive ourselves while alone or engaged with those closest to us. 

Sexual Wellness Services in Men

We see male sexual wellness advertising and messaging everywhere we look.  It is seen a a “problem” to be “solved” and rarely are the actual causes understood based upon a particular patient’s overall health.  Erectile dysfunction in men can be caused by blood flow issues (circulation), neurogenic causes like neuropathic pain or damage to the lower back/pelvis area, and of course psychogenic distress (depression, anxiety, fear, social performance) or other reasons.

Because there is not one condition that can lead to sexual impotence, we believe that finding the cause of the erectile dysfunction allows us to cater to the individual and set up the right plan to achieve health sexual performance.  All of the Health Scottsdale treatments, sessions and patient information are kept strictly confidential to alleviate any concern this sensitive issue may cause.   Reach out to us by phone or email for more information and we can answer any questions you may have. 

Sexual Wellness Services for Women

Women’s sexual wellness has been ignored for too long.  At Health Scottsdale, and we take this issue as seriously as we take men’s sexual health, no exceptions. For women, there can be similar causation issues as we find in our male patients, as well as women having issues with pain and discomfort (dyspareunia) and/or vaginal dryness.

These issues can cause women to experience “erectile dysfunction” (often referred to as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder or HSDD. At Health Scottsdale we have a range of safe, effective, and helpful solutions such as topicals, pills, nasal sprays, and injectables to increase arousal for both women and men.

We believe that every man and women should have the right to experience and enjoy themselves in the bedroom, and achieve a fulfilling quality of life with or without a partner. It is essential that sexual wellness be viewed holistically, as part of an overall understanding of the health of the patient. 

Treatments for Sexual Wellness Offered

Oral Pills

Viagra (sildenafil)

Once taken, Viagra takes about an hour for the effects to be experienced. This medication can be easily picked up at your local pharmacy and used daily for a healthy erection. Viagra (sildenafil) works by opening up the blood vessels and relaxing the smooth muscle in the penile area, leading to a more erect penis.  While Viagra does not work for everyone, it has a high degree of success.  It should be taken within the overall scope of a sexual wellness plan.

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Cialis (Tadalafil)

Cialis results in similar outcomes to Viagra (sildenafil) by improving blood flow to the penis and helping to relax the smooth muscle that can actually inhibit blood flow to the penis. Cialis is advertised to help with BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) in men and can actually produce a stronger, uninterrupted urine stream for men that take this medication daily.

Choosing between the two is usually based upon various factors, but generally an erection can be achieved using either of these medications. Cialis has a longer half life, which means that the medication stays in the system longer and can be taken during the day when the man believes that there is a possibility of having intercourse within the next 24 hours.


Oxytocin is considered the “love” hormone. This is naturally occurring in the brain that helps to improve social bonding and interactions with people that you love and those you love being around. Oxytocin helps someone to connect at a deeper level, which in turn helps to reduce overall stress and improve trust, empathy, and romance. When oxytocin is used for intercourse, the hormone helps to increase libido and desire. Oxytocin comes in oral pills, dissolvable trochees, and nasal spray.

PT 141

PT 141, also known as bremelanotide works differently in the body  than other medications and results in increased arousal and sexual desire in both men and women. This medication is one of only two medications that is FDA-approved for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) in women. PT-141 works on the nervous system, not the circulatory system, and helps to stimulate the “want” and “need” to have intercourse with your partner or to enjoy masturbation. PT 141 comes in both an oral pill and injectable forms.

Olympus Male and Female (comes in both regular and max strength) is a medication that  includes tadalafil, PT141, and oxytocin.

Topical Creams

Testosterone cream

Applied directly to the clitoris helps to improve blood flow and engorgement to that area leading to improved sexual desire and satisfaction.  

Estriol (E3) cream

Applied directly to the clitoris, vagina, and surrounding tissues helps to improve both lubrication and restores elasticity of the vagina. This is commonly used in women who are post menopause when estrogen levels are almost inexistent. This cream is commonly prescribed for women who complain of vaginal dryness (during or not during intercourse), pain during sex due to lubrication issues, and is also common for women who are experiencing pain and bleeding during intercourse.

Scream Cream aka “O” Cream –

When you just want to let lose and “scream” the night, or day, away with your partner. This cream comes in various combinations that are tailored to each individuals needs. The medications that can be customized include:


This is an essential amino acid that your body needs daily in order to help regulate and help produce nitric oxide (NO) in the body. This amino acid help to relax and dilate (open up) blood vessels, leading to improved blood flow to the area that it is applied to. Improved blood flow equals improved erection in men as well as improved engorgement in women at the clitoral level and beyond!

Niacin (Vitamin B3)

 is used in sexual health to improve blood flow to the area that it is applied to. Not typically given alone, but works great as an adjunct with other vasodilators that can be added to the scream cream.

Testosterone: see above


Oxytocin, when applied to the vaginal wall, causes an increase in elasticity, which in turn makes the vaginal wall stronger when engaging in intercourse. This can lead to pain free and longer duration during sexual encounters. Who does not want to be able to enjoy sex!

Sildenafil (AKA Viagra) 

Sildenafil (AKA Viagra) helps to increase blood flow to the clitoris which causes engorgement, leading to increased sensitivity and arousal.


Pentoxifylline works by increasing blood flow to the area that it is applied. This topical medication also helps decrease inflammation (anti-inflammatory) which leads to faster recovery and improved sensations during and after intercourse. Think of having the ability to have more enjoyable sex more often!


Trimix Contains Three Active Key Ingredients:

1.      Alprostadil: This medication is a potent vasodilator contributing to a rock-hard penis that allows even those with neurogenic erectile dysfunction (and even paralysis patients) to have positive sexual health.

2.      Phentolamine: Can be used alone to help treat erectile dysfunction by causing increased blood flow to the penile area by relaxing smooth muscle. When combined with the other two medications, the improvement in the hardness of the corpus cavernosum tissue (penile tissue that gets hard when aroused) is improved and prolonged, for longer, more enjoyable intercourse.

3.      Papaverine: Helps to relax the local blood vessels where it is injected, leading to increased blood flow in to the penis, resulting in a improved erection.

PRP injected directly into the penile tissue helps improve the overall blood flow, size, girth, and sensitivity that leads to stronger, firmer erections. PRP, Platelet rich plasma, comes from drawing up blood, just like a lab draw, spinning it down to get the important growth factors that help with achieving the overall desired stronger and firmer erections.

PRP can also be used to help improve sexual wellness in women. The shot, also termed the orgasm shot, helps to improve overall blood flow to the clitoris and vagina, leading to improved libido, reduction in painful intercourse, increase in lubrication and vaginal elasticity, and helps to strengthen the pelvic wall as well as improving urinary (stress) incontinence.

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